Cast Size: Five males, Three females

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Single Set.  A hotel suite in London

Features/Contains:Local Celebrity Cameo, Physical Comedy, Stage Combat                                           Interior Set                                                             Contemporary Costumes/Street Clothes                      

Time: The present

Sex Marks The Spot (British Version) is a masterfully crafted farce which takes on the always timely and relevant subject of sex scandals and the hypocrisies of politicians. Richard Clooney is a fierce defender of family values who, on the eve of his re-election to England's House of Commons, finds his career and his marriage threatened by his affair with a pretty young pop star. His efforts at spin control spin wildly out of control when he forces his campaign manager and his press secretary to help him in a cover-up. Into this mix come his suspicious wife, a son with a secret of his own, a detective without a brain, and a reporter with a massive ego and a hyperactive sex drive. Men and women strip down to their underwear and genders get bent. The show is somewhat risqué, but guaranteed not to offend anyone, except maybe lying, cheating politicians. Fun for audiences, while easy and economical to stage.

Full length Play/ Farce/Political Satire

PERFORMANCE GROUP:College Theatre/Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Large/Mid-Size Stage